A PCR Nasal Swab that delivers results within 10 to 24 Hours*! 

KPRC 2 News Visits Altru Diagnostics for Covid-19 PCR Tests

Altru PCR Swab collection

You’ve probably heard a few people describe their experiences receiving a nasal swab as experiencing extreme discomfort while others dismissively say it was no big deal. They’re both telling the truth. Samples can be collected from varying depths of the nose, Altru Diagnostics swabs are designed to be collected from the nasal walls of your nostril not from deep in the nasal cavity (i.e., the nasopharynx) which are much more uncomfortable. Samples can also be collected from the back of throat otherwise known as an oropharyngeal (OP) swab. All swabs are looking for the same thing – respiratory secretions and infected cells.” 

Nasal Cavity (Nasopharynx)   or   Back of Throat (oropharyngeal) swab


Our PCR Nasal Swab From Altru Diagnostics can deliver quick results within 10 to 24 Hours* and is FDA & EUA Approved


(*48 if submitted on weekends)

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