Genetic Services



Cancer Genetics is a study of heritable gene variants that cause or confer altered risk of tumor or hematological malignancy. Genetic changes that promote cancer can be passed on from generation to generation if the changes are present in constitutional DNA. Cancer causing genetic changes can also be acquired during one’s lifetime, as the result of random errors of cell divisions or exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and radiations that damage DNA.

Cancer genetic testing reveals a genetic predisposition to specific genetic variants that are often inherited from a parent. These variations can be harmful and may increase a person’s chance or risk of developing a disease or cancer.



GenLab Solutions offers pharmacogenomic testing to provide insight as to a patient’s likeliness to experience an adverse reaction or a non-response to a drug. Our pharmacogenomic testing includes 25 genes targeting more than 70 genetic variants that are especially dedicated to drug therapy in pain management, psychological disorders and cardiovascular diseases. This testing utilizes one of the most advanced instruments designed for gene detection.
With its optimized automation and high-throughput capability, GenLab Solutions is able to offer an advanced pharmacogenom
ic testing highlighting every individual’s specific genetic makeup that predetermines drug metabolism or lack thereof. This insight not only helps healthcare providers determine which class of medication to prescribe but also identifies any adverse reactions to medication classes that could possibly occur.