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The below 6-minute video reveals how our software can turn the cumbersome Medicare Value Based Care program into one of the best and most profitable parts of your practice.

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Please see short summary & proforma links above on this page. Also see an actual Initial Practice Value/IPV taken from a physician's EMR.


- Precisionvbm owns the very technology that grades and ranks physicians for payers, hospital systems and ACOs so we know exactly what is expected of your practice.

- Last year Precisionvbm won a GLOBAL AWARD for this program at the International Foundation for the Advancements in Healthcare Conference in Las Vegas and Dubai.

- There are currently 21 million patients being tracked in this system.


- The Precisionvbm technology goes into your EMR and finds EVERY penalty trap, EVERY revenue opportunity AND engages the patient to complete each task.  ALL of these findings of medical necessity, and the ability to connect the task directly with the patient are not performed by your EMR.


- Precisionvbm is in contact daily with some of the top minds in healthcare, and they are always surprised to learn details of which they were totally unaware. Respectfully, without our perspective as the creator and monitor of this physician grading and ranking technology, they don’t know what they don’t know. We can correct any of those misconceptions for you in the next two minutes.


- Leading with technology over labor is the only way to manage in real time!  Thanks in advance for your time and interest by reading this short message.


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1. As of 2020 ALL insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid now require their patients to complete a short assessment series annually.

2. Failure to do so will create financial penalties for the physician.

3. Failure of the patient to complete these required assessments will temporarily limit some access to patient services such as prescription refills and other orders may be delayed.

4. There is no cost to the patient, as no deductible or copay is required.

5. It’s important to you and your family that we stay ahead of potential health risks!

6. Please respond promptly to your Personal Health Coach.