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Understanding the Anti-Kickback Laws
Understanding the Stark Laws
10-15-19 MassCare CEO Jake Michel
Power Point Presentation
10-16-19 Actual Live Presentation with a Physician and MassCare CEO Jake Michel
11-11-19 MassCare CEO Jake Michel
Live Presentation with a Pharmacist PHD
10-26-2019 How to On-Board Doctors Offices
Al Knowles and Ken Chickk
11-19-2019 Interview with Masscare CEO Jake Michel
11-19-2019 Interview with Masscare CEO Jake Michel
10-29-2019 Suite of Services Overview
Al Knowles and Ken Chickk
11-26-2019 Updates and Training With
Al Knowles and Ken Chickk
01-13-2020 Masscare CEO Jake Michel Cold Calling
01-27-2020 Webinar With Ken Chickk
02-10-2020 Webinar With Dr Howard
01-20-2020 Webinar With Ken Chickk
02-03-2020 Webinar With Ken Chickk
02-17-2020 Webinar With Ken Chickk
02-24-2020 Webinar With Ken Chickk
03-02-2020 Sales Training With Ken Chickk & Brian Blanco
04-06-2020 Webinar With Ken  Chickk
06-01-2020 COVID-19 Test Training 
03-02-2020 Billing Training with Ashley Warner
03-09-2020 15 Minute Sales Training With Brian Blanco
05-28-2020 Smart Heart Webinar 
06-22-2020 COVID-19 Update Training 
07-20-2020 COVID-19 Update Training